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With Our Swords

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The Big Bad has succeeded in his goal of stealing the Crystal of Unstoppableness! Soon he will be unstoppable! And to make things worse, all the heroes have been wounded and are unable to fight... except for John Q. Protagonist.

Mighty Glacier: "Take my shield. You know how how tough it is. It's not doing me much good right now anyway."
The Rival: "Hmmph. I'll let you borrow my Sword of Eternity, but you're giving it back right after this is over."
The Chick: "Please, John, just take my Amulet of Hope. Be careful."

The main character then goes on to kick a ton of bad guy ass using all of the items he received. This can be done with a single character lending him a weapon, in which case it is usually The Rival.

Occasionally this will happen in a series with modular robots, in which case the other heroes (or their vehicles) lend the protagonist parts of their bodies (not to be confused with the entire robots combining).

Related to All Your Powers Combined and Spirit Bomb. See also Give Me A Sword.


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