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Island Tourney
A martial-arts tournament hosted on an island.

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This trope is when an elite, invitation-only martial-arts tournament is held on a remote, possibly hidden island. The tournament may have some hidden purpose or agenda, it may be to the death, it may be to identify the greatest fighter or fighters in the world, or it may be a perfectly legitimate athletic competition (this last one is rare).


  • Enter the Dragon is certainly the Trope Maker; the plot revolves around this trope.
  • Mortal Kombat, both the video game and the film that was based on it, also revolves around this trope.
  • As does Dead or Alive, both the video game and the film
  • Satirized by the Onion in this article about Donald Rumsfeld.
  • In the Babylon 5 episode "TKO," a mixed-martial-arts tournament called the mutai is held aboard the station; since a space station is sort of like an artificial island, this would count as an example of this trope IN SPACE!.
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