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Burping The Alphabet
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How Did We Miss This One??

Alternate Title: Belching The Alphabet

This is where an immature character will burp the alphabet, when asked to do it or not.

No Real Life Examples, Please!

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  • Hammy does this in Over the Hedge while RJ is trying to get him to act like a rabid squirrel.
  • In Valiant, Bugsy starts burping the alphabet after saying that he can burp all of the letters of the alphabet.

Newspaper Comics

Live-Action TV
  • In Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death, the now-extinct Tersurusians communicatd via "precisely modulated gastric emission." They became extinct when one of them discovered fire.

Western Animation
  • Happened twice in Recess;
    • Vince's older brother Chad did this at the end of "Big Brother Chad".
    • In "The Hypnotist", Principal Prickly does this over the intercom after he had been hypnotized into thinking that he is six years old again.
  • Don't forget Owen from Total Drama Island. He burped through the alphabet without breaking a sweat!
  • Pepper Ann did this in the episode "One of the Guys".
  • There was an episode of Ren and Stimpy featuring a Burping Contest between two creatures. The alphabet was the third last attempt.

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