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Undermined By Reality
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This meta trope is when the premise of the show/song/book is undermined by the people who create it.
  • For example, Disney's trademark is family-friendly entertainment, promoting "wholesome values," but the politics behind the company are generally acknowledged to be anything but.
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, had a bit of a red face when one of the families they helped (comprising of a basic nuclear family and another family they had apparently taken in after they lost both parents) seemingly had a fight with each other ten minutes after the production team left that ended with the adopted family kicked out and the original, smaller nuclear family with a hi-tech house all to themselves.
  • Blue Peter was put in an awkward position when one of its presenters was caught taking cocaine.
  • The fact that the woman who sung "Stand By Your Man" was divorced several times may also count.
Sometimes this is a result of out and out hypocrisy; sometimes it's just really bad luck or Murphy's Law. Companies can get so neurotic over this trope that their performers become Prisoners Of Pollyanna; when it strikes, it can result in Fan Disillusionment. Is this covered somewhere else on the site?
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