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Delayed Awareness

Denial about something causes someone to continue talking until a Beat

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"And now time for awards, the nomination for Best Picture goes not to Steven Spielberg, but to James Cameron." Steven Spielberg gets on the stage. "I'd like to thank my mother, the Academy, the ... wait, what? How could James Cameron win?"

Delayed Awareness is when a situation comes, the character (or characters) have played it over in their minds. When the situation arises, this projection of what's supposed to happen combines with a sort of denial, and they still think it's happening to them. It needn't be a good thing, someone else might also be accused of what the person in credit either has done (or if they're a Hero with Bad Publicity have taken the credit for often). They might make a Suspiciously Specific Denial or two (which if they're guilty will point out their guilt, if it really was the other guy, they'll be totally shocked that the other person believes in them) before either it dawns on them, or someone repeats themselves slowly.

This is usually Played for Comedy, even in the latter case. And yes there is Truth in Television to this behavior.


  • Gunnerkrigg Court has a page where not just one character but all of them are in denial until the very last frame, where there's a Beat. They all expected Antimony to get chosen, and are carrying on like she has. Antimony is thanking them for their help, and the person has been chosen say "who else" would get picked.
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