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Floating Waterfall Island
Islands that float and have waterfalls continually coming off them.
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Magical lands abound in the world of fiction, especially fantasy. What better way to depict the magic of the place than to show floating islands? Why not throw in waterfalls flowing off the islands, to enhance the magical look?

Not to be confused with Rock of Limitless Water, which are (usually small) rocks that create water, a fact that is usually explicitly stated. They also tend to be important to the plot. By contrast, Floating Waterfall Islands are usually there purely to look good.

Comic Books
  • In DC comic book Wonder Woman, Themyscira is a set of floating islands with waterfalls.

  • A similar feature occurs in Avatar. The floating islands have waterfalls constantly flowing from out of them, despite not having a source for such water.
  • In Atlantis The Lost Empire, the core city is elevated above a volcanic flow, its waters endlessly spilling over into the similarly inexhaustible magma (and creating a huge cloud of steam as a result).

Video Games
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the town of Skyloft has a magic island spring that floats just above and supplies the river with an infinite amount of water.
  • The entire world map in Golden Sun.
  • In LevynLight, the magical city Fontis Sapienta is made up of several such islands floating over a giant lake.
  • There are a number of floating islands in Nagrand in World of Warcraft that have waterfalls continually coming off them.
  • In Guild Wars, Nightfall had some in the Vabbi region.
  • Xenoblade: Several of the islands that float above the Eryth Sea have never-ending waterfalls. You can also find areas like this at the outer edges of the Bionis.
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