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Shadow With A Smile
Light that shouldn't exist creates features on a person's shadow.
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This trope covers any situation where features that should not be visible on someone's shadow appear as patches of light - typically a smile, or eyes. Frequently implies an otherworldly nature to the person casting the shadow; can be related to Living Shadow, but doesn't always match in either direction. Can imply The Shadow Knows.

Contrast Black Cloak and In the Hood, where lit features may be visible floating in shadow, but really exist.


  • Oogie Boogie's shadow during the songs "This is Halloween" and "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" in The Nightmare Before Christmas has both visible eyes and a mouth.

Video Games
  • In Soul Eater, in Crona's mind his/her shadow (whom he/she talks) has a mouth and eyes of light.

Video Games
  • Blazblue's main antagonist Terumi has this as a default form. Considering that he has to re-possess his body every time loop, it's the only way we can see his true identity.

Western Animation

Web Original
  • This terrifying entry from a Worth1000 contest, showing wide eyes and a gaping smile on the shadow of an otherwise innocent-looking little girl.
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