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Hidden Agenda Companion
A member of The Hero's True Companions with ulterior motives s/he isn't revealing.
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The Hidden Agenda Companion is a sidekick, companion, or ally of The Hero who's working for the same cause, but for a different reason that s/he isn't revealing. While this character is not working for the villains (as The Mole is), s/he is working for the hero in order to further his/her own secret plans, which may or may not be in the hero's best interests.

For example, Alice is planning to break into the Evil Overlord's lair in order to slay him and bring an end to his reign of terror. Bob, the Hidden Agenda Companion, is storming the lair with Alice - but, while he's perfectly willing to fight the Evil Overlord, Bob's really there because he knows the Evil Overlord has an Amulet of Concentrated Awesome stashed behind the curtains in his throne room, and Bob (unbeknownst to Alice) plans to seize it.

The audience may know, which can lead to Dramatic Irony, but usually they won't. May overlap with Token Evil Teammate, but doesn't always. On the bad guys' side, contrast Hidden Agenda Villain and Dragon with an Agenda.

Warning: examples will be huge SPOILERS.
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