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Finding One's True Talent
Everyone has a talent. Not always the one they think they have.
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alt title: Find Your True Calling Plot

Some characters Never Live It Down that they have not become what they wanted to be; they go around telling everybody that I Coulda Been a Contender.

This trope is the optimistic side of the same coin. The character who has been trying for something in vain for an episode (or sometimes even longer) finds out that their talents lay in a different area all along; it's just the fact that they have been so focused on their goal that didn't let them realize it. Usually their true calling is very similar or related to what they had originally intended, but allows them to fully utilize their hidden abilities while not forcing them to try in areas where they have been shown to lack real talent. .

See also You Can Put Your Skill To Use when this happens to a reformed villain. If the character realized their talent but not its significance, it is I Thought Everyone Could Do That.

This is typically an ending trope.

  • Ryou Kuroyanagi in Yakitate!! Japan. His teacher prevents him from becoming a baker like the other characters, as it turns out, because he believes that his talents lie elsewhere: he eventually becomes a world class food critic thanks to his above average sense of taste and extensive knowledge of bread.
  • Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach the near-blind pilot in Hot Shots!! who becomes an air traffic controller after getting kicked out of his unit.
"You bet, they put me in charge of radar! From now on, I'll be your eyes on the ground!"
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