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Not stopping for the ads
The action does not stop even though the show is actually on a commercial break.
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Many shows cut away to a commercial break right when a show gets to the good part, but sometimes they do not give us the courtesy of waiting until we reurn before resolving the dispute. When we return, instead of taking care of the problem very quickly, the problem has already been taken care of during the break and we follow the characters as they deal with the next problem.

While we were clicking through different chanels, or patiently waiting for the ads to end, the heroes were taking the fight to the enemy because, for them, time did not stop. We might simply never learn the details of what, exactly, happened during this break, or it might be deliberaely obscured in order to come out later in the story. It might also have been used to keep the crew from needing to figure out how to show what happened.

Often used by works set in Real Time, where the commercial break is used to cover up some mundane activity (Going to the bathroom, driving a car, etc.) that they did not want waste time focusing on. Related to The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You, as the story shows a shocking disregard for obeying the accepted rules of fiction.


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  • The timer in 24 includes the time that elapses during commercial breaks.
  • Seinfeld's famous "The Chinese Restaurant" episode was in real time. The commercial break is spanned by a Long List that Jerry rattles off.
  • In Frasier's season one episode "My Coffee With Niles" the real time continues during the commercial break, as Frasier goes to the bathroom just before the break and returns straight afterward.
[[/folder]] [[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
  • All the time in professional wrestling, although they do show it afterward while the match is continuing live.
[[/folder]] [[folder:Western Animation]] The first season finale of Young Justice reveals that, in the earlier episode "Targets," Red Arrow had been "activated" by the code-phrase "Broken Arrow," which placed him in a trance where he gave informaion to the team's enemies and received subconscious instructions. This occured during the commercial act-break, where the show went to commercial mmediately after Sportsmaster said "Broken Arrow" and returned after Red Arrow was re-activated, so the viewer had no idea that any time had elapsed. [[/folder]]
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