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Alternate Universe Normal Life Scene
Something weird's going on and everyone thinks it's totally normal! We must be in an alternate universe!
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A frequent method of introducing an alternate universe, changed timeline, Fake Memories situation, or the like is to begin by showing normal life in this different world. Various strange things might go on but most of the characters will treat them as being normal. If we're following characters from the normal world, the weirdness might not even be noticed until it's staring them in the face. It's the kind of situation in which someone offhandedly saying hi to the main character can be given the same weight as a dramatic cliffhanger reveal (probably because the person saying hi is supposed to be dead, or something.)

...Hmm, this might need more description/clarification actually. I know exactly the sort of thing this is about but right now it sounds more like "characters living in alternate universes don't know anything's weird about their universe" which is just common sense really. Anyway, here are the examples I have:

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