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Artistic License - Setting Rules
Minovsky Physics do not work that way.
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Sometimes in a Speculative Fiction setting, the author takes the time to lay out hard-and-fast rules on how the setting's Applied Phlebotinum or Functional Magic works. And sometimes they then proceed to do something contrary to that.

Maybe it's a new author who takes over and doesn't completely understand the rules. Maybe the author just goofed. Regardless of how it happened, what they did violates established rules of the setting.

The Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment is in effect here: this is not a trope for complaining about retcons.


Video Games
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 has three divine spellcasters (Bishop and Zhjaeve in the original campaign, and Gann in the second) who do not have patron deities. While some Dungeons & Dragons settings allow this, Forgotten Realms isn't one of them. Zhjaeve may be justified by venerating the githzerai god-king Zerthimon, who isn't in the game files, but Bishop has no such excuse. As for Gann, the fandom jokingly insists that he worships himself (the actual explanation is that he puts his faith in the spirits of the land).
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