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Some cartoon, video game, and Furry Fandom animals are drawn with a tail unlike what it would have in real life. Either its tail is shaped differently from what its real counterpart would have, or its tail moves around differently from how it should in real life. Sometimes its tail is shaped the way it would be shaped in real life, but the shape is more exaggerated than it would really appear. Most animals with bushy tails have them portrayed as tapering to a point, when in real life, bushy tails are more likely to have a blunt or rounded tip.

One example is that some cartoon dogs are drawn with tails that look like that of a cat. Dogs may have the widest variety of tail shapes of all animals, but most dogs in real life do not have tails that look completely like a typical cat's tail - long with a round or blunt end. A variant of this trope is for a dog with a tail close to the look of a cat's tail but still typical of the breed to have its tail move like that of a cat at least sometimes. In real life, a dog's tail should not curl, twitch, or wave like a cat's tail, even if its tail does look like a cat's tail.

Another example is all those wolves with overly bushy tails. In real life, wolves have somewhat bushy tails, but they are not bushy like those of foxes.

Yet another example is all those theropod dinosaurs with flexible, bendy tails. Theropod dinosaurs are supposed to have stiff tails that are used for balance.

Please only list examples that are clearly based on actual species. Funny Animals clearly based on actual species are allowed too. Aliens, monsters, and mythical beings can have Bizarre Alien Biology, so please do not list them.



Western Animation

  • Spike from Rugrats has a tail that looks catlike.
  • Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane and has a tail like one , but it often curls and waves like that of a cat.
  • The Classic Disney Shorts have some examples of characters with tails unlike what their species wold have in real life.
    • Daisy Duck, a female duck from the has curled tail feathers.
    • Mice have thin, naked tails, but Mickey, Minnie, and Mortimer Mouse have tails that are unusually thin even for mice.
    • Pluto is a dog with a tail more like that of his owner, Mickey, than that of any real dog.
      • His tail is just as flexible as Mickey's tail as well.
  • Itchy from the "Itchy and Sractchy Show" on The Simpsons, like Mickey Mouse, has a tail that is unusually thin for a mouse.

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