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Object-Throwing Fit
Characters get so enraged that they start throwing objects around.
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Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions. That, and suggestions on how to better or more thoroughly describe this.

Basically, this is when enraged characters start throwing objects around to express their frustration.


Anime And Manga

  • The Shawshank Redemption, where Norton throwing rocks around during his "it's a conspiracy" rant made a hole in a poster on the wall, revealing Andy's escape from prison. The Family Guy parody of this scene provides the tentative page quotation.
  • From Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Anakin does this while ranting about how Obi-Wan's "holding him back."
  • There's a hilarious one in Megamind with Roxie hurling things at Metro Man, and since he's Made Of Diamond he doesn't even blink as the stuff the throws keeps shattering against his face.
  • In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix,Harry begins throwing and smashing random objects in Dumbledore's office,wanting an explanation about everything thats been going on from Dumbledore,who realizes that he must finally tell Harry the Awful Truth.
  • Citizen Kane: Upon his wife leaving him, he goes in a room and smashes/throws everything he sees.

  • In a notable instance in Will Of the Empress from the Circle of Magic series, After Daja finds out her love interest isn't going to come with her when they leave Namorn, she locks herself up in her room, crying. Tris comes in to yell at her for tossing a fit and snapping at Zhegorz and Daja throws a dish at her, which Tris ducks away from. The next thing Daja throws, Tris bats away with her wind magic.

Live-Action TV
  • This is a stock gag in Last of the Summer Wine where crockery is the projectile of choice. Which is often Truth in Television since when domestic tensions boil over it is the closest thing to hand. Apparently, according to Worf, this is a stock feature in Kilngon Courtship.

Video Games
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