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Finding Wood Equals Saving The World
A seemingly mundane request or mission turns out to be vital to the plot
Better Name Needs Examples
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The title name is a work in progress! Please help come up with a title! Also, I can only think of one example, bt I'm almost certain more are out there.

So, the hero is making his way to the next dungeon, which is unfortunatly hidden. As he takes a shortcut through a nearby town, an old lady sees the hero and comes up to him, asking if he could help her gather some firewood. Of course, being the type to never turn a blind eye to anyone in need, our nameless hero agrees. So, after helping the old lady find the wood, she throws them on the fire. Suddenly, the fire turns green and the old lady turns out to be a witch. She can speak to spirits in the fire. So, when she does, the spirits tell her that the dungeon is in the caves above the town.

Finding Wood Equals Saving The World is when a quest or mission that seems oridinary at first turns out to be important to the plot or needed to advance. Examples

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