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The Tables Have Turned
The abuser becomes the abused (and vice versa)
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The villain is constantly abusing a character into doing his work, and the servant is not liking it. After the hero defeats the villain and (if he doesn't die, that is), he will end up doing the same lowly task as his mistreated servant, now being commanded by his former lackey.

A type of Laser-Guided Karma and An Eye For An Eye.


  • The ending to the 1993 version of A Little Princess has the villainess being reduced to sweeping the chimneys being commanded by the boy she's been bossing around throughout the movie.

Western Animation
  • The Popeye cartoon "Be Kind to Aminals" has Bluto abusing a weak horse pulling his overloaded produce cart. After Popeye intervenes, with a little help from some spinach, the short ends with Bluto pulling the cart with the horse whipping him while Popeye and Olive ride on top.
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