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John Kricfalusi School Of thought

Visuals take priority over story.

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I don't think cartoons are only for kids, but I think kids will love anything as long as it's visually interesting.
John K

"Kids cannot follow stories. They don't know what the hell is going on in a cartoon. They like to see funny visual things happening."

John K

What makes a good work?

For the Authors of this school of tough The most important aspect of an end product is the visual information.

Their main focus is creating quality an memorable pictures to the audience.While they don't deny the importance of the plot. They Don't matter as much as visuals to give quality entartainment. In fact often the sotry is just an excuse to convey an iconographic event.

For instance in a cartoon good drawings would be considered by these authors to be the back-bone of a cartoon's success rather than the story.

Their main aim is to create memorable images that will develop emtion and enjoyment to the audience. To achive this they rely on Visual Effects of Awesome, Scenery Porn and Body Language in their work to entertain their audience.

Opposite with Lauren faust's school of tought
Examples Western Animation
  • Johnk probably the most prominent example. He strongly believes that the most important aspect of a show are drawings
  • Michael Bay is famous for giving priority to visual effects in his movies.
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