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Big Brother Loves Watching
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So, Big Brother Is Watching? That violates our personal integrity. But can we at least expect him to be professional about his work? Or does he in fact enjoy his job a little bit too much?

This trope comes into play when surveillance is being misused by people who take a personal interest in the target - sexually or not.

Usually, but not always, a Sub-Trope of Big Brother Is Watching. For example, a shop having a security camera is not necessarily Big Brother Is Watching in itself - but if the security guard focus on pretty ladies using the dressing room, then it's still this trope. If the person using the security camera that way is some teenage boy who isn't supposed to be in the control room in the first place (he sneaked in for this very purpose) then it is instead Little Brother Loves Watching.


Comic Books
  • Om Dilbert, this is one of the ways in which Catbert the evil director of Human Resources can abuse his power. (While the Pointy-Haired Boss also misuse the trust employees are suposed to have for him by reading their private mails and such, he does it to secure his own power over them - thus not this trope.)
  • In V for Vendetta (the graphic novel version only), the government officials in charge of monitoring civilian activity enjoy listening in on people's personal lives, including the activities of a certain Bishop...

  • Much of the early scenes in The Tourist are shown from the point of view of cops watching Elise through hidden cameras and such. They are pretty creepy about it, too. Zooming in her ass, speculating whether or not she's wearing panties. this early scene gets retroactively creepier later in the movie, as it turns out she's one of their coworkers.
  • In The Lives of Others, the protagonist is a Secret Police officer who starts taking a personal interest in his targets, an interest that leads him down a part of corruption and crime. This is actually a Heel-Face Turn, since the system he works for is evil in the first place.
  • Essentially the entire plot of the Sharon Stone vehicle Sliver.
  • In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Magenta and Columbia get off while watching surveillance of Rocky and Janet going at it.
  • The good guys in Blue Thunder enjoy picking up audio of people having sex from the helicopter.
  • In True Lies, agent Harry Tasker uses agency resources and personnel simply to determine if his wife is having an affair.

Live-Action TV
  • In Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, the show pay several people to watch a house under a pretense that it is for keeping America safe from terrorists. However, all but one of these newbie secret police employees neglect watching the particular house they was supposed to be watching, instead using all the fancy equipment to spy on the neighbor's sexlife.

Western Animation
  • On The Simpsons cameras were put up in Springfield to catch illegal activity, but Ned Flanders and others used them as opportunities to nag people about public displays of affection and whatnot.
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