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Stubborn Fish Out Of Water

A Fish Out Of Water that refuses to leave, learn, or change their environ

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This character is any variant of Fish out of Water, but rather than adapt with gusto (or even slowly), seek to return to their home environment, or change the environment they're in to better suit their needs they stubbornly hold on to their old habits and tough it out. Hilarity Ensues.

To be fair, they may compromise and adapt a little, but never on core things like worldview, lexicon, or a few other cornerstones needed to fit in. For example, they may learn to use the internet, but continually call it a "picture telegram box", and while they may treat minorities cordially they'll say things like "sometimes this emancipation business gets out of hand."

If confronted on it, they usually justify this eccentricity by noting that pop-culture advances so fast keeping up is pointless. Better to embody Awesome Anachronistic Apparel. Then again, they might just be lazy or not care what others think of them, damn the lack of social finesse and operating under the Masquerade. Alternately, they may be unable to adapt or return to their environment, and attempts to change their current environment would be futile. This is usually the case for vampires whose Creative Sterility makes it nigh impossible to connect with the age they "live" in.

  • Thomas in The Kingfisher plays this trope completely straight. He'll try to learn about the present and get it hilariously (or terrifyingly wrong.
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