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One Of Us And One Of Them
An Odd Couple made up of a Super and a Muggle.
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Muggles and Differently Powered Individuals have learnt to live alongside each other, but there's still not a lot of trust. Rather than have a separate squad of Cape Busters, the authorities make sure that their operatives work as duos made up of one of "us" and one of "them".

In The Unmasqued World, even the regular police (or a specialist section thereof) may have this policy. If The Masquerade is still in place, the M.I.B. may do it instead.

Usually this is motivated partly by pragmatism (the supers have powers that mundane humans can't hope to deal with on their own) and part Fantastic Racism - either the authorities themselves don't trust the supers to work without supervision, or they think the public on both sides will be more comfortable dealing with one of "their own kind".

The Mundane Fantastic equivalent of Salt and Pepper, which some works will hint at more Anviliciously than others.

Sub-Trope of Odd Couple and sometimes Buddy Cop Show.

Super Trope of Androids and Detectives, where the unusual partner is robotic, and of Sword and Sorcerer, a Heroic Fantasy version that pairs up a wizard with a fighter.


  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit has the eponymous character (a toon rabbit, since toons are an actual ethnic minority in that universe) and Eddie Valiant (a human).
    • Bonkers (which was originally going to be a spin-off of Roger Rabbit) has the LAPD forming a Toon Squad, made up of Bonkers and Lucky Piquel (Miranda Wright in the early episodes).

  • In the Discworld series this is part of the focus of Thud!, where dwarf-troll relations are tense.
  • In Dragon's Luck, a novel by Robert Asprin, the main character discovers a ghost of a dead Wiccan Priestess who was married to a mundane cop when she was alive. The cop insists on having the Masquerade ended for him by the protagonist when he discovers the protagonist has withheld valuable information.

Anime and Manga:

Live-Action Television:
  • Heroes is the trope namer; in the first few series The Company sends out teams of one "Special" and one Normal to bring in rogue Specials.
  • Alien Nation features a human cop who is partnered with an alien.
  • Something Is Out There. Human police officer Jack Breslin and a beautiful alien named Ta'Ra (Maryam D'Abo) team up to hunt a dangerous Shape Shifter alien. Ta'Ra has powers including Telepathy and superhuman agility.

Web Comics:

Unknown Medium
  • The Breed has a human cop and vampire cop team.
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