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Quadrant Shipping

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Quadrant shipping is a shipping system using four different relationships, as opposed to the standard boyfriend/girlfriend shipping found in most fandoms. It was created by Andrew Hussie, the writer of Homestuck, and multiple other online comics on his site, Ms Paint Adventures. The quadrants are represented by the suits of a deck of cards. The four quadrants are Flushed, represented by a red heart, or <3, Pale, represented by a red diamond, or <>, Gray, represented by a clubs sign, and the Black quadrant, represented by a spades sign, or <3-. The Flushed quadrant is seen as the standard Boyfriend/girlfriend. It means love. The Pale quadrant is friends who respect each other, but also insult each other. The Gray is a very special, and will be covered after Black. Black is when you hate someone so much that you want to fight them, but not to hurt them. It can be seen as a permanent one-up situation. The Gray quadrant is special, because it requires three people. Two of them are stuck in a loop. They switch from Flushed to Black, because they aren't sure if they love the other, or hate them. The third person balances them out, and stops them from killing each other. The third person often acts as a medium for many other Gray relationships. The only relationships that would lead to reproduction are Flushed and Black.
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