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Whole Village Quest
A town, tribe, or civilisation has become a giant adventuring party.
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This is what happens when an author takes a quest story, where the heroic adventuring travel through a strange land to achieve some difficult goal, and puts a whole town, or even a whole civilization, through it together. Normally the reason is that these people are no longer safe in their old homeland (perhaps there was a tier 0 Apocalypse How), and are seeking a new one. As in a normal quest story, the audience gets to see people discovering the strange places in their world, but now there are a lot more people doing it.

When this trope is used, the party going on the quest is much too big to be the Band of Brothers questing parties often are, the internal dynamics being closer to those of a town or nation.


Anime and Manga:
  • At the opening of Gall Force: Eternal Story, the Solnoid fleet is enroute to take posession of Chaos after their original homeworld was destroyed by paranoids.

  • In the Astérix book Asterix at the Olympic Games the whole male population of Asterix's village travels to Rome to take part in the Olympic Games. Only Asterix and Obelix have been to Rome before, so strangers travelling in a strange land is a big part of the story.
  • In ElfQuest, the Wolf Riders are a tribe, and go on quests. There aren't very many people in the tribe, however; at the beginning of the series there are only seventeen.

  • The third book of Wind on Fire follows a large part of the Manth tribe who, after the destruction of their city, follow a prophet to a new homeland, while struggling against dangerous Wacky Wayside Tribes and other obstacles.
  • In Eldest, the entire village of Carvahall goes on a quest with Roran, which is the subject of the chapters from Roran's POV
  • At the start of Clan of the Cave Bear Brun's group is searching for a new cave because theirs got destroyed by an earthquake.
  • In The Silmarillion, the elves are instructed by the Valar to travel to Aman. Most stop along the way, but three tribes make it. The second of the three, the Nolder, later return to Middle - Earth to retrieve the Silmarils from Morgoth.
  • In the backstory of the Belgariad, the seven gods created seven races of people to rule, but the god Aldur didn't choose, leaving one race godless, wandering the earth looking for a god to lead them. Eventually they splintered, some following a man who led them to the god UL, and only a small part of that party choosing to follow UL. Those became the Ulgo race, while the greater part of their people were struck infertile and died out.

Live-Action TV:
  • In Battlestar Galactica, after the 12 Colonies are attacked by the Cylons, the colonials go in search of a rumored thirteenth colony.
  • The Tribe: The quest to locate Eagle Mountain at the end of Season 1 is such an example, as the Mallrats embark on their journey half-expecting never to return, and the other half doubting they'd actually find what they were looking for.
  • The Skreea in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine left their homeworld when it was taken over the Dominion and became wanderers. Then they discovered the wormhole, which in their mythology was supposed to lead them to their new home. Only, the Bajorans, living on the planet that Skreean mythology identified as their new home, didn't want to share, having only recently driven out the occupying Cardassians and being basically in post-apocalyptic shape for the first couple of seasons.

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Basic D&D
      • Modules DA1-DA4. The Afridhi are ordered by their deity Zugzul to march to the east and invade and conquer the inhabited lands there.
      • Supplement GAZ10 The Orcs of Thar, section "Quest for a Blue Knife". A humanoid chief discovers a magical knife. The humanoids go to war to possess it and the knife is lost. In order to find it again the humanoid tribes travel and fight their way across the Known World.

Video Games
  • In Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, the entire population of Zoombini Isle is implied to be fleeing to an uncharted and Soup Can filled continent and, under the player's control, travelling through it to Zoombiniville.
  • In several campaigns in The Battle For Wesnoth, the player character's hometown has been destroyed and the army they command is escorting it's former inhabitants through unknown lands in search of somewhere safe for them to settle.

Western Animation:

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