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Series Specific Tropes / Series Archetypes

Tropes that recur in long runners and rebooted series, even if not direct Expies

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If a series goes on long enough it reinvents itself with new characters or concepts that follow old formulas.

Basically these are recurring tropes unique to a series that keep showing up in sequels and reboots. They aren't explicit Expies, but they serve the same purpose in aesthetics, narrative, or function and gameplay in the case of video games.

This is especially true in a Thematic Series or a Non-Linear Sequel.

Some are officially acknowledged, some are so evident they are given Fanon names, and others are just there.


Anime and Manga
  • Gundam Some Gundam archetpyes have become so iconic that they've become archetypes in Japanese media in general like the Char Clone.

Video Games
  • The Fire Emblem series is known for having several archetypes among its Loads and Loads of Characters typically named after the first iteration of the archetype.
    • Jeigan: An elderly or sickly crutch character who is typically a body guard of The Hero
    • Cain and Abel: a Red and Green pair of horse mounted knights
    • Pegasus Trio: Sisters or partners that can perform a Triangle attack when in the right formation. etc. etc.
  • Pokemon has several archetypes that get reinvented in many generations
    • The three starters: A trio of a Grass, Fire, and Water type that the player chooses to start the game.
    • The Pikaclone: An electric type rodent with circles on their cheeks that store their power.
    • The Mew: A legendary pokemon unobtanable through conventional means with an even stat distribution. Small and cutesy indesign
    • The first rodent and bird: Com Mons that appears throughout the game (Rattata & Pidgey, Sentret & Hoothoot, Zizagoon & Taillow, Bidoof & Starly, Patrat & Pidove)
    • Even among the human characters you have The Hero, The Rival, The Professor, The 8 Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Champion, and an evil organization called Team "-". Interestingly enough, Gen I probably played with the human archetypes the most, having one of the Gym Leaders also be the boss of the villainous organization, and having the Rival become the Champion. Ruby and Sapphire also gave two evil Teams instead of just one.
  • The Super Mario series and some of its spinoff series will have seven generals and one Big Bad to be the bosses of its 8 worlds in the 2d platformers. The Koopalings, The Tikis

Western Animation

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