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Not Really Blind
Injured character thinks they have gone blind, but they just have something over their eyes.
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A comedy trope.

Bob is in a vehicle crash or some other dramatic accident, and when he comes to and starts checking for damage, he realises: "Oh no, I've gone blind!"

Alice, a more level-headed bystander, points out that actually he's just in a dark room/his headband has slipped down over his eyes.

  • Seen It a Million Times
  • In the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special, the Doctor thinks he's gone blind; Madge points out that in his hurry to escape the explosion he's put the helmet of his spacesuit on back-to-front.
  • Used in a 1989 Garfield strip:
    Garfield: I can't see! I can't see!
    Jon: Garfield, your blanket is over your eyes.
    Garfield: I knew that.
  • Used deliberately in The Simpsons, when Homer puts tape over Bart's eyes while he's asleep. He wakes up thinking he's blind before Homer rips it off. "Ha ha! April Fool!"
  • Perhaps most absurdly used in Ed, Edd n Eddy. Ed thinks he's gone blind after closing his eyes.
    Eddy: Open your eyes, Ed.
    Ed: Thanks, Eddy.
  • Used in a few The Three Stooges shorts.
    Curly: I can't see! I can't see!
    Moe: Wa'sa matter?
    Curly: I got my eyes closed. Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!
  • In A Christmas Story, when the recoil from the BB gun knocks Ralphie's glasses off.
  • In the Regency segment of Blackadder's Christmas Carol, Lord Nelson, who has been lying drunk in a chair since the scene opened, suddenly wakes up and says "My God! I'm blind! Blind!" Blackadder smoothly steps over and moves his eyepatch to the correct eye, and he slumps back into unconciousness.
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