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Instant private meeting just add elevator
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So, you need to discuss something in private but are in a crowded building full of folks that could work for the Big Bad or something similar. So you and your confidant hop into the nearest elevator, wait for the doors to close and BAM instant perfectly secure and private conference. Or alternatively, it's just to get some sexy times. No one ever faces consequences for this. Ever.

Often this is also done by hitting the emergency button to buy some extra-time.

This is not such a common occurrence in Real Life as media would lead you to believe, most emergency buttons of any nature are linked to alarms.


  • The movie Class has a scene with a "private" moment... in a glass panoramic elevator in Water Tower Place in Chicago.
  • Lampshaded in Dragonball Z Battle Of Gods when King Kai and Goku need to discuss the re-emergence of the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus. Instead of an elevator, the pair drive around King Kai's comically small planet several times on screen.

Live-Action TV
  • Gibbs from NCIS does this with his old CIA buddy, so that the buddy can pass information regarding a leak in the agency that may have lead to the crime of the week. Gibbs even refers to it as their "usual conference room"!
  • An episode of That's So Raven features Raven trapped with her boss and her boss's friend-turned-rival having out their issues in the middle of the elevator ride. The boss pushed the button when it looked like they where about to get into a fight and Raven panicked and tried to persuade them to wait until they where out of the elevator before going at it. They ignored her.
  • Happens a LOT in the turbolifts in all of the Star Trek franchises. Usually when one character is angry at another, they'll hold the turbolift so they can have it out in private.
    • In this expanded universe deck plans, there are actually places built into the ship for the turbolifts to move aside so a lift on "hold" can allow another lift to pass it.
  • On the British sitcom Only Fools and Horses, Del Boy's brother Rodney was going through depression after his wife Cassandra miscarried. When he and Rodney got in a lift, Del Boy pressed the emergency stop button and pretended the lift was broken so they could have some time to talk about it.
  • In Friends, "The One with... Ross's Teeth" Rachel is having trouble getting her boss, Kim, to acknowledge her in the elevator on the way to the office each morning. Until...
    Rachel: So I hear the Ralph Lauren fooled around with someone in the copy room.
    Kim slams on the emergency brake button.
    Kim: Tell me everything.
  • Subverted at least once on Babylon 5. During a Lower Deck Episode called A View From The Gallery, two main characters have a heated conversation about an ongoing issue that has consequences for multiple star systems, while sharing the elevator with two inconsequential technicians. The technicians shrug it off as a normal occurrence.
  • Angel the series featured an impromptu elevator meeting with Angel pressing the make-it-go-button to try and get things moving and Cordy slapping the make-it-stop-button to try and talk sense into him.

Real Life
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