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Best Friends Forever

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Alice, Bella and Chloe are best friends, they usually hang out together but know where to draw the line. That’s not this trope.

Dina, Evelyn and Flo are best friends who do everything (aside from eating, sleeping, going on dates and going to the bathroom) together, they know the phone numbers of each other like it’s some sort of reflex action. They share favorite foods and favorite music, or their favorite foods and music complement each other nicely. When they’re separated (Separate vacations, camp, etc.) they’re on the phone with each other half the day. They always have something to talk about even if they’ve been talking for days. If one of them doesn’t want to hang out with the others, the others will freak out. This is Played for Laughs and portrayed as completely unhealthy since they are almost completely dependent on each other.


Live-Action TV
  • Rocky and CeCe of Shake It Up! in the episode ''Kick It Up, and Gunther and Tinka in every episode.

Western Animation
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