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Monstrous Discovery

When someone becomes, or discovers they are, a creature/species that is considered to be a monster.

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Odin: I sought only to protect you from the truth.
Loki: What, because I-I-I'm the monster parents tell their children about at night?

Do We Have This One?

Here is someone getting on with their normal (or maybe not so normal) life, unaffected (or at least not too worried) by the local "monster" stories. Until they discover they are one of the monsters.

This can happen one of two ways:
  • The person was this creature all along but until The Reveal was oblivious.
  • The person somehow became this creature (common if vampires or werewolves are the monsters involved).

Whether the "monster" is actually monstrous or just considered so by the person's culture is often irrelevent to how he or she reacts to the discovery. It can result in the person becoming He Who Fights Monsters or Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, but if they're the Unfazed Everyman it may not affect them much at all beyond the initial shock.

Not played straight if the person apon becoming/discovering they are the creature likes it, or "loses their soul" or otherwise truly does become a monster.

Warning: you may discover spoilers ahead.



  • Twilight. When Carlisle discoveres he has become a vampire he first tries to kill himself before realising he doesn't have to be a "monster".

Live-Action Television
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since people lose their souls when becoming vampires this trope is mostly subverted(?) but:
    • Angel is this trope when he regains his soul, leading to him becoming He Who Fights Monsters.
    • In "Nightmares" Buffy fits this trope when she (temporarily) becomes a vampire but somehow doesn't lose her soul.
    • In "Phases" Oz discoveres he's a werewolf but, due to him being an Unfazed Everyman, isn't much affected by it once he's past the shock and has found a way to keep himself contained during the full moon.
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