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Ironic Avatar
A game avatar or profile picture that is completely unrelated to the actual person.
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The internet is a place where people can lie. People take this opportunity to look more attractive, so that other internet users will fall for them without even knowing them. Then when they meet in real life, the "sexy" person is a dork. Usually Played for Laughs and often results in friendship. This can overlap with

See also G.I.R.L., where the sexy eighteen-year-old supermodel is forty, bald, overweight and a man, and Cross Player, where a character changes their gender for their avatar online.

Please use In-Universe examples only.

Warning: Spoilers are evident in many of these examples.


  • Bossa Nova has one of the characters arrange to meet with a guy she met online who claims to be a long-haired artist from Soho. After he flies in he turns out to be a slightly overweight middle-aged guy from the Midwest, though they hit it off anyway.


[[folder: Literature]]
  • In Labyrinth of Reflections, Romka, Leonid's fellow diver, always appears as a tough heavy drinker and smoker online, whereas in reality, he is a 15-years-old boy who never smoked or drank anything heavier than beer IRL

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
  • In a recent episode of Rizzoli & Isles, they were investigating deaths associated with an MMORPG. One person had the avatar of a beautiful young viking maiden. When they physically tracked her down, she was an elderly woman.
  • In Suite Life On Deck, Woody uses this in the "Better Life" online game, creating an avatar named "Brock" that is extrememly attractive, unlike him. Addison also does this with the same game with the avatar "Peaches Mc Gee."

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