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Men Are Bad At Sex
In sitcoms, the men are often portrayed as lousy lovers.
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If there's one constant of sitcoms and domcoms, it's that men will be depicted as stupid or insensitive. What's the best way to evidence both at the same time? Have the man be a lousy lover, of course. There are a few forms this takes, including:

  • Complete ignorance of female pleasure, usually coupled with the selfish assumption that only men enjoy sex.
  • Thinking that foreplay is something only women care about and just wanting to get straight to the main event.
  • Falling asleep immediately afterwards, the ultimate sign of insensitivity. note 

Contrast Latin Lover, who may be considered good at sex because Foreign People Are Sexy. Note that this isn't Hollywood Sex, but an In-Universe trope.

This trope has some Truth in Television, as it used to be generally accepted that women really did get nothing out of sex; this is the reason Lie Back and Think of England exists.



Live-Action TV
  • Occasionally on Friends. In one episode, the girls show the guys a diagram of all the female erogenous zones (unseen by the audience), and the guys are amazed that there are so many.
  • Misfits: Though Nikki never seemed to have any complaints, Curtis is described by Emma and Alisha as being bad in bed.
    • Alisha mimics Curtis' mastabatory behaviour being all focused on himself.
    • Through FlashBacks we see that Curtis was all about his own enjoyment and none of Emma's.
    • Nathan was also implied to be pretty bad in bed because he was too quick to finish, leaving the partner hanging.
    • Simon, on the other hand, has never had a complaint by either of his two partners.
  • Parodied on the 30 Rock episode "The Bubble." During a montage Liz and Drew are shown exiting the bedroom, she with a frustrated look on her face. She later tells Jack that Drew is "only as good at sex as I am", implying that women aren't immune from the trope either.

New Media
  • Spoofed by The Onion in an article about scientists discovering the female orgasm, which generally treats it like it's the Loch Ness Monster.

Western Animation
  • American Dad! uses this as a throwaway joke in the two-parter "Stan of Arabia". Francine sings a Torch Song about how much it sucks being a woman in a Muslim nation, at one point listing off various parts of the female anatomy. When she mentions the clitoris, one of Stan's Arab friends asks him what that is; Stan just shrugs.
  • Family Guy zig-zags this in regards to Peter. Some episodes imply that he's a wonderful lover, a few even suggesting that this is the main/only thing Lois sees in him. In others, it's played straight. In "PTV", when told that they can't kiss, move, or thrust during sex, Lois complains that that isn't sex; Peter sits there with a bored look on his face before announcing "I'm done" and instantly falling asleep on top of her. In another, when Lois becomes obese, she starts having a heart attack during sex, and Peter tries to "finish up" before he takes her to the hospital.
    • Stewie tries to get his future self to have sex with a co-worker, but he ends up spending almost the entirety of the experience crying (the actual sex only lasted eight seconds).
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