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Yin Yang Epithets
The Praised to his face, The Dissed behind his back
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Ah, King Bob the Peaceful. Under him, our nation knew a long period of peace and prosperity, and our neighbors rested in security, knowing they would not be subjected to war. To commemorate him on his birthday, we dress ourselves in yellow and feast on chicken liver.

Straightforward description: When a ruler is given a flattering epithet to his face, but called quite something else (usually something snide) behind his back. Usually by two different sets of people.


  • The Laconic description comes from Rabadash The Peacemaker (or Rabadash The Ridiculous) from The Horse And His Boy.
  • Two examples from A Song Of Ice And Fire (although in the first case, the flattering name is what the group calls itself):
    • The Brave Companions are a group of psychopathic mercenaries that are known (out of ear-shot) as The Bloody Mummers.
    • Jaime Lannister is called "The Lion of Lannister" to his face but behind his back, everyone calls him "The Kingslayer" (basically, even though the monarch he assassinated was The Caligula, since Jaime was his bodyguard, he's seen as a vile oathbreaker for killing him). Not sure if this one is specific to the tv adaptation.

Real Life
  • Ferdinand The Good (AKA Goodinand The Finished)
  • Good Queen/Bloody Bess (Elizabeth I)
  • William the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England, was also known as William the Bastard due to his illegitimate birth.
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