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Newspaper headlines often like to get cute
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Due to the brevity of space for headlines, sometimes they get punny and cute - often making up words to fit, sometimes using rhyme or alliteration.

  • Variety's headline Hicks Nix Stick Pix, which evolved over time to Hix Nix Stix Pix, is the Trope Namer. It was used on July 17, 1935, over an article about the reaction of rural audiences to movies about rural life. It is one of the most famous headlines ever to appear in an American publication.
  • Frasier: The show often uses it at Frasier's expense.
    • When Frasier is caught with a crossdressing prostitute: Doc's Pal Mock Gal
    • When Frasier is caught having sex on the air, and refuses to identify station manager Kate Costas as his partner: "I Won't Fink" Says Kinky Shrink
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