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I Almost Shot Marvin In The Face

Character is careless/unsafe with firearms but endangered character prevents own death.

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Twin trope to and an aversion of I Just Shot Marvin in the Face. A character who is clueless/careless/untrained in firearms safety avoids shooting a gun savvy fellow character because the gun savvy character carefully points the clueless character's gun away from his own face.

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Examples: Anime and Manga: Comics: Literature: Film: Live Action TV:
  • NCIS: Season 10 episode "Detour" Palmer (No firearms training) finds a handgun. Ducky (Military training from decades ago) finds the gun pointed in his face and carefully pushes it away.
Web Comics:
  • Webcomic:Exterminatus Now: During the "Secret Lab" arc, one of the scientists is given a handgun. Said gun is repeatedly pointed at one or another of the main cast.
Web Original:
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  • February 28, 2013
    • Men In Black. After Agent K gives Agent J the Noisy Cricket, J negligently points the weapon at K. K grabs J's wrist and pushes his hand aside so the Noisy Cricket isn't pointed at him.
      Agent J: Naw, naw, come on man, you get a Series-4 De-Atomizer and I get a little midget cricket...[points Cricket at K's face]
      Agent K: Oh kid! [grabs J's hand and moves it aside]
      Agent J: Feel like I'm gonna break this damn thing.

    Watch it here.
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    No snowcloning IJSMITF's title, please.
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    ^This is just a character reacting to Reckless Gun Usage, so I doubt it.
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    Have to vote nay on this one, too. the other pages can really cover it.
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    No. Just no.

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    ^^ Seconding DracMonster, already covered by the other Gun Safety tropes on top of being a Bad Snowclone
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    Another nay from me.