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The Three Stats
Measuring one's attack, defense and speed.
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Among a selection of character, you may identified one of them as the powerful, yet slow Mighty Glacier, bullet-like, yet vulnerable Paper Ram or the quick yet powerless Fragile Speedster. Or maybe the character is the all-attack, no-defence Glass Cannon or its opposite counterpart, the Stone Wall, while having a confusion on how speed is applied to them. Or maybe he is the Jack of All Stats, its better counterpart Lightning Bruiser or its worse, Master of None.

All of the above have one thing in common, they are compared based on three factors:

  1. Attack: How much damage can your character dish out?
  2. Defense: How much damage can your character take?
  3. Speed: How quickly can your character dish out his, her or its damage?

With that said, these three stats may be split further. For example, Defense may be split into Hit Points and armor defense. Alternatively, there may be another stat to go with the trio, such as Range. Either way, if a character were to be judges by how well they perform in battle, expect the three stats to appear.

It is a Sub-Trope to The Six Stats; with the Attack, Defence and Speed matching Strength, Constitution and Dexterity respectively. For the latter, it particularly refers to the physical nimbleness, fine motor skills and reaction time,.

This is also a Sub-Trope to Competitive Balance, a Sister Trope to Necessary Drawback as well as Crippling Overspecialization, and the Super Trope to the following:

  • Fragile Speedster, having high Speed in turn for low Attack and Defence
  • Glass Cannon, having high Attack and low Defence. Speed is usually not factored in though.
  • Jack of All Stats, where a character is described to be balanced in all three (or more) stats, being neither the best nor worse in any of them.
  • Lightning Bruiser, where a character is specified to have higher Attack, Defence and Speed, in one way or the other. Other stats related to neither of the trio are not accounted.
  • Mighty Glacier, having high Attack and Defence in turn for low Speed.
  • Paper Ram which haves high Attack and Speed, but low Defense.
  • Stone Wall, having high Defence and low Attack. Depending on the style, Speed may be low as well.
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