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Post Stress Overeating
After a fight or other stressful event the character goes on a binge eating
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After a fight with a spouse or other emotional squabble, people do different things some drink. Others eat, usually while lamenting about who or what is bothering them.

Compare Heartbreak and Ice Cream, Comfort Food and the alcoholic equivalent Drowning My Sorrows, many of these characters experience Weight Woe due to this.

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Anime & Manga
  • Hidamari Sketch after having a minor squabble with Sae. Hiro goes on a binge eating tons of food from cake and donuts to curry always with a "><" on her face and constantly saying things "Stupid Sae".... Les Yay? of course not
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyouko goes off on a binge after she lost an argument with Sayaka.
  • Usagi tends to do this in the anime of Sailor Moon usually after fights with Mamoru. Not so much in the manga.
  • Fresh Precure: After realizing that Miki already has a boyfriend and his hundredth defeat in attempting to ask her out, Yuuki goes on a binge of donuts while crying. As he puts it to the clerk "If it's gonna be like that, I'll just stuff my face. Old man, give'em to me nonstop!".

Live-Action TV
  • Leo Knox from The Finder is this. Before the series he had gained wait after the death of his wife and daughter, but had lost a lot of weight with the help of Walter, but he reaches for junk food when dealing with emotions. This is especially evident in "The Conversation" where the gang is helping a family that reminds Leo of his own family. Leo at first denies that what he is eating is connected to his emotions.
    Sometimes a ding dong is just a ding dong.
  • In the show Pushing Daisies, Olive "stress-binged" on the pies that Ned "stress-baked".

Live Action Film

Real Life
  • A lot of people suffer from this as an outlet for emotional distress, the equivalent for other people that is smoking and or drinking.
    • In clinical terms, frequent use of this behavior as a coping mechanism can be called Binge Eating Disorder or Bulimia Nervosa. Frequent overeating can also satisfy the self-destructive criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder.
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