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Everybody Wants To Be A Bat
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Alternative title - Thrall; Will You Be My Vampire Dad?

Vampires are cool. Vampires Are Sex Gods. Vampires are powerful. Who wouldn't want to be a vampire?

Vampires are surrounded by humans who, while they haven't been bitten, do their bidding in the hope that they will be. Sometimes they're under some sort of mind control, but often they're just willing vampire groupies.

Exact opposite of I Hate You, Vampire Dad, although one can become the other if the gig isn't all it was cracked up to be. Often Goths, at least in their minds, and always Les Collaborateurs.

Exammples: (Rolling updates)

  • All the Blade films feature Scannable Man versions of these.
  • Lahmian vampires in Warhammer are a sect of Vamps so alluring they can control minds. Their army list includes mortal human characters fighting for their favour.
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