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Depictions of the province of Quebec and it's inhabitants being stereotypically French.
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"A similar phenomenon also seems to occur with depictions of Quebec in Hollywood movies as being full of Frenchmen with Parisian accents and mannerisms."

"There's no Canada like French Canada,
It's the best Canada in the land.
The other Canada is hardly Canada.
If you lived here for a day, you'd understand."
-- South Park episode 715: It's Christmas in Canada

The protagonists finds themselves in Quebec for some reason or another and what do they find? Instead of half-drunk, rough-talking, ice hockey obsessed, french-talking people; they find berets, striped shirts, moustaches, accordions and baguettes instead. [Insert descriptions of the differences between the French, stereotypic French and actual Quebecers]

Needs a Better Title, however it was taken from the same episode as the above quote. Might also need a better description. Suggested by an actual french-canadian.
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