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Standing Between The Enemies
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Right before a duel, brawl, battle, or war would start between two misled fractions, the protagonists arrive just in time, and tell everyone to try and be friends instead.

They might reveal some sinister Big Bad who manipulated them into the fight, explain them how the Cycle of Hatred leads nowhere, or just break the ice by being heartwarmingly idealistic. The speech itself may share rhetorical devices with the Whoopi Epiphany Speech, the Kirk Summation, Shaming the Mob, or a Not So Different speech.

It could be considered a Missed Moment of Awesome if you would prefer to watch a badass battle, but also a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the characters at the middle, who dared to stand up against two forces that are who are stronger than themselves.

A common subversion is a Shut Up, Kirk! reply from the opposing leaders, who will then start the battle anyways. This is often Played for Laughs.

The pacifist counterpart of the Rousing Speech.



[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • Batman gives one in The Dark Knight Returns, starting with a Big "NO!" that occupies an entire panel.
  • Happened at the climax of Alan Moore's D.R. & Quinch Get Drafted with the entire gang caught between the enemy Ghoyogian Army and their own Space Marines platoon with whom they're in trouble for creating a friendly fire incident with a tactical nuke. Waldo attempts one plea for sanity by stepping up to "cry out at the horror and injustice of war..." It doesn't work.

  • At the climax of Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Ace stops two mounting armies by running between them holding the sacred bat they had been about to fight over.

  • Near the beginning of The Malloreorn, the sequel-series to David Eddings' Belgariad, Belgarion pulls this, mostly to demonstrate how much he's grown up since the previous series. He stops a civil war in Mimbre by basically riding out between the two armies, unhorsing everyone who gets in his way, and then calling down a cataclysmic thunderstorm between them, while suggesting that anyone who wants to start fighting, can start by fighting HIM. Considering how eager Mimbrates are to go to war, nothing less would have done the trick, probably.
  • At the end of American Gods, Shadow manages to stop the battle between the Old and New Gods by telling them both how they were manipulated into fighting by Mr. Wednesday and Loki so that they could gain power from the deaths of the other gods.
  • In The Hobbit, Gandalf stood between the Three Armies (Human, Elf, and Dwarf) to point out their common enemies the Goblins were approaching on Worg-Back.
  • In Men at Arms, Carrot had a truly epic example when he successfully shamed two armies of trolls and dwarves. They were ready to rip each other apart until he came and basically told them that their dear old mothers would not be proud.
    • There is also a similar event in Jingo when Vimes places himself between two armies by arresting the generals. After that, Carrot organizes a football match for them instead.
  • Ronnie from The Last Song stood between Marcus and Scott to stop them from figthing.

[[folder:Manga & Anime]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Video Games]] From Fire Emblem 10: Elincia tries to prevent the Begnion Army and the Laguz Alliance from fighting. It doesn't work, but at least she could convince the Laguz that not all Humans Are Bastards. [[/folder]]

[[folder:Western Animation]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: Other]]
  • Obi-Wan, Luminara Unduli and her apprentice attempt that in Star Wars Expanded Universe. The armies attack THEM instead, but they somehow manage to destroy all their weapons without killing anyone. Must be the Force. *shrug*
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