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Kevin Dorfman

An affable neighbor with an inability to omit details

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This is a guy you don't want as a neighbor. What, is he mean? No, he's friendly to pretty much everyone. Does he keep you awake at night with parties or loud music? No, the reason you don't want him nearby is because then, you might actually end up talking to him.

The Kevin Dorfman will talk about eveything he knows of (and his interests are usually many and varied), but what actually is annoying isn't his actual interests, but the way he described them. He will likely recall, and repeat every incidence of an event, as a part of his life story (for instance, that he's only eaten egg salad sandwich eight times in his life, the first time when he was two, then he's tell about the next time, and the next time... all of which are given in full detail). On the bright side, his inability to filter out information probably makes him easy to trust, but that's assuming you can stand him.

Trope Namer would be Adrian Monk's neighbor upstairs, who premiers in the episode "Mr. Monk and the Paperboy" where his girlfriend tries to murder him over a lottery ticket, then a second time on "Mr. Monk and the Game Show" where he accompanies Monk to solve not only a murder but how cheating in a game show is happening, then again in "Mr. Monk Is On the Air" where he gives jokes to tell for when Monk is solving a radio mystery, and finally he's strangled to death in "Mr. Monk and the Magician." (Yeah, I'm doing it too)

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