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Fake underdog
This is a character who tries to appeal to us the same way an under dog would despite what holding them back not being unfair
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Real under dog characters are held back by in their efforts by unfair things that could “easily” be fixed if the other characters in their story where more caring and/or less close minded. These imposters are people who are failing at something but when you step back and take a more objective view of the situation it’s clear that what’s holding them back is both fair and often their own fault

For example a Fake underdog could be a rock rand who are failing because they sit around smoking dope all day, or a sick child who isn’t been seen to because the doctors have people in much worse conditions to attend to

Presumably the reason we root for Fake underdogs is because they appeal to a human desire to see you’re self or those you care about as unfairly singled every time something bad happens


  • in Schoolof Rock we’re meant to feel sorry for Dewey Finn (Jack Black) as his career as a musician is failing…. Even though this is obviously his fault for being too over the top and silly on stage

  • in one early episode of Law&Order Special Victims Unit Benson fights tooth and nail for a little girl being emotionality abused by her parents to be seen to by the authorities. When the social worker tells her that emotional abuse is hard to prove and that her physical abuse cases are more urgent she's hard to argue with

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