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Hairstyle Regeneration

No matter how much damage or change hair suffers, it resets to normal.

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This is when a character's hair suffers damage or a change and it returns to normal easily between scenes. For example, a Shapeshifter turning into a snake and losing all their hair can turn back into human form with exactly the same hair length they had before. Or a character with a Healing Factor getting incinerated only to regenerate a distinctive Perma-Stubble. Usually there's a handwave that their powers or some Phlebotinum allows them to regenerate their hair to the precise length and shape prior to whatever changed it. Even so, this can bend Willing Suspension of Disbelief if the character regenerates artificial hair treatments like a perm, hair dye, and especially if it's an Improbable Hairstyle.

The reasons for this may be due to budget and marketing. As a director you don't usually want to force your actors to go bald... at least not without a pay hike (which you may not be able to afford). The other is because Hairstyle Inertia helps make characters more identifiable. Finally, seeing everyone run around bald or in a wig may not help with the ratings, either.

Contrast Expository Hairstyle Change.

  • In Teen Wolf averts this trope for Beta werewolves by having (male) werewolves only grow sideburns and a widows peak, hair wise. Alpha's on the other hand, can go from giant anthropomorpic wolf to human without messing their hair.
    • The Kanima in season two also plays this straight. It can go from reptile to human, repeatedly, and return to their exact hairstyle.
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