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When a character has to shout something when attacking.
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You see it in anime. You see it in books. You even see it in video games. This is where a character, whenever he attacks, must SHOUT SOMETHING LOOOOUDLY! This can either be Calling Your Attacks, shouting an insult, or even just shouting "YAAAH!" You could make a drinking game out of how many times a main character screams while attacking.

Compare Calling Your Attacks. Contrast Make Me Wanna Shout, where shouting is the main character's power.


___________________________________________________________________________ Video Games

In Mortal Combat, the characters usually shout something while attacking and doing a finishing move.

This is also in Street Fighter.

{{Super Smash Bros.}}, as a fighting game, obviously features this.

___________________________________________________________________________ Anime

Dragon Ball Z (and its spinoffs) might as well be the Trope Codifier, with every single character screaming while going super saiyan/making a Kamehameha/creating a spirit bomb/whatever.

In Pokémon, the pokemon seem to shout their names whenever attacking. Justified, as the pokemon can ONLY say their names.


Western Animation

{{Codename: Kids Next Door}} parodies this in one episode, which is a parody of Dragon Ball Z.

Finn from Adventure Time always shouts while attacking, either plain shouting or an insult.

Rigby and Mordecai from Regular Show sometimes shout while attacking the Villain of the Week.


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