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Bad Parameter Name
A predefined message for trope names that make a trope look like something else.
Better Name

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One of the most common causes of Square Peg Round Trope is a name that actually looks square, when the trope is round. In other words, a trope has certain parameters, but the name implies parameters that are larger, smaller, or different altogether.

Misuse can vary depending on how the name shows the trope incorrectly. It can range from examples that are broader than the trope, examples that fit but are almost all only a certain segment of the trope, to examples that don't fit at all.

Many of our Renamed Tropes are because the names poorly defined the parameters of their tropes.

Needs a Better Description.

Tropes that were renamed due to bad parameter names:

  • From Clones to Genre, was originally called "Genre Launch". It was about the metamorphasis from Follow the Leader clones to becoming a full blown genre. The word "launch" implies the beginning of a genre, and the vast majority of wicks was confusing this for a genre maker.
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