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Conventionally, bombs are associated with Stuff Blowing Up, but then there are special ones with different effects.

Types include Smoke Bombs, Sticky Bombs, Stink Bombs, and Phlebotinum Bomb.

Some Real Life example are flashbangs, fireworks (explode into pretty), and the aforementioned smoke grenades. Then there are the IR-emitting hot-smoke grenades used for targeting IR-sensitive missiles. Or baffling them, it all depends.

Compare and Contrast with some Booby Traps.


Comic Books
  • In the 1988-89 DC Comics Invasion crossover, a member of the alien Dominator species develops and detonates a "gene bomb" which targets those with the "metahuman" gene (responsible for the emergence of Earthling superheroes) and causes them to lose control of their powers. For some, it eventually proves lethal.
    • The Invasion example (along with Invasion itself) was parodied in an issue of ''X-Men'', with a Jean Bomb that destroyed relationships. Guess who it looked like?
  • Comics/Batman and Robin use these.
  • Lobo used a "guilt grenade" against The Mask since it was the only way for Lobo to defeat an otherwise "cartoon-invulnerable" opponent.
  • The Super Mario Bros. comic had a story called "Duh Stoopid Bomb!" The titular bomb would temporarily turn anyone in the blast radius into an idiot.


  • Discworld: Scent bombs used to as a routine countermeasure now that it is generally known that the Ankh-Morpork city watch has a werewolf on staff.

Live-Action TV
  • There was a Propaganda Bomb in an early episode of M*A*S*H. A friendly fire bomb landed at the unit, and didn't explode. They tried to disarm it but that just set it off, which is when they discovered it was only leaflets. The propaganda read:
Give yourselves up. You can't win.
--Douglas MacArthur.

Real Life

Video Games

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Static Shock: Gear made a shock bomb that Static could use if he ran out of juice, a net bomb that shot a net out when it hit something.

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