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Ladder Tipping
A character pushes a ladder that another character was climbing, causing him to fall backwards.
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Seen It a Million Times, this is an occurrence that shows up very often in Comedy or Action films. A character chases after another, until the chase leads to climbing up a ladder. However, when The Hero gets to the top of the ladder and his enemy starts climbing, the good guy will then push the ladder back, causing it to fall backwards with his enemy still on the ladder.

Expect this to show up in Comedy.


  • In the Richie Rich film, Richie does this to Lawrence Van Dough during the film's climax.
  • The Aristocats: O'Malley does this to Edgar, but it's subverted that while O'Malley does successfully push the ladder back, he winds up falling with Edgar.
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Will Scarlet does this to one of the Celts that invade Sherwood Forest.
  • There was a scene in Animal House wherein one frat boy climbs a ladder to peek in as the sorority girls undress. Suddenly, the ladder tips back (impliedly pushed away from the wall by a certain anatomical reaction on the part of the frat boy).
  • An obvious siege example occurs in the film of The Two Towers during the Battle of Helm's Deep, when Legolas shoots the rope that's being used to raise a ladder with dozens of orcs already on it, and it falls back onto dozens more orcs on the ground.

  • In A Darkness At Sethanon, Moredhel attackers who are climbing up the walls in ladders are simply pushed away.

Professional Wrestling

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Jonny Quest episode "The Curse of Anubis". A bad guy is climbing up a ladder to get to Hadji, who's on top of a building. Jonny appears at a window lower down and pushes the ladder, causing it (and the bad guy) to fall. The bad guy ends up in a water trough.

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