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Interracial Relationship
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We have a page on Mixed Marriage, for when this is a source of drama, and for other subtropes like Interspecies Romance... But not, oddly, on the simple supertrope. Well, let's fix that!

An Interracial Relationship is more or less Exactly What It Says on the Tin--a (romantic) relationship wherein the participants are of different ethnicities. Once a rather taboo concept--with a few exceptions here and there--it has since become a more and more accepted topic. However, it is still relatively uncommon, such that examples tend to be far and few between in contrast to other practices like Token Shipping. If not treated with suspicion by others, then they at least tend to be heavily lampshaded.

Rare is the interracial couple that is treated as totally mundane by everyone involved--though they certainly do happen. Works geared toward children and adolescents, or families, tend to have more interracial couples who are allowed to exist without question. Some of it might be that writers are uncomfortable discussing such a sensitive subject with kids, but it may also be part of An Aesop to show that we shouldn't question them, and that it is perfectly normal. Or maybe the writers weren't think of race issues at all, and they just thought Jane the shy Asian Meganekko and dorky Black and Nerdy Cody would make a good couple. Sometimes writing happens like that.

While sadly, there are still many places and people where and for whom interracial couples are not acceptable, and while some interracial couples face internal strife from wondering about the sincerity of the relationship or how the world may percieve them ("Does he only like me because I'm Asian?" "Would she still be interested in me if I wasn't Hispanic?" "If they see us walking hand-in-hand down the street, will they shout racial slurs at us?") some couples are just too darn happy being together to care. As with other Love Tropes, how Truth in Television this is depends on the couple--some, even if they are blissfully in love, realize that they may have to be careful expressing their love in public. Others are lucky enough to live in very open-minded areas, are Bad Ass enough to deal with any insults, or simply don't care what others think.

In short: This is where the members of a couple are of different ethnicities, but ethnicity does not necessarily play a large role in the story.

Since this trope has a lot of subtropes, please make sure an example does not fit under one of them before adding it here.

  • Mixed Marriage: An Interracial Relationship that's played for drama, with the unacceptance of the family/friends/society of the relationship being a key point.
  • Where Da White Women At?: A black man and a white woman, where race is explicitly a factor in their relationship.
  • Me Love You Long Time: A white man and an Asian woman, where race is explicitly a factor in their relationship.
  • Latin Lover: A Hispanic/Latino person is depicted as especially romantic and desirable.
  • Shiksa Goddess: A Jewish man persues a non-Jewish woman. (Bonus points for being portrayed sometimes as an ethnicity issue, and sometimes as a religion issue.)
  • Interspecies Romance: A relationship across species lines, though usually (one hopes) both members are sapient (or at least on equal intellectual footing).

Now, considering the criteria above, anyone got any examples...?
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