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Most literary and live action works of fiction take place in either an iconic, well-known, or frequently used nonfictional city or place, like Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris, or New York City, or a fictional locale. Most animated works take place in a fictional city or place and some take place in a well-known or frequently used nonfictional locale.

This trope is about fictional works that take place in real world settings that are little known or seldom seen in fiction.

Some locations that might be relatively unknown to the world in general have been featured in hundreds of works produced locally. So, for obscure actual locales that have been featured in many locally produced works, please list only examples of works featuring those locales that are not locally produced.

Can cause Aliens in Cardiff if aliens are in the setting.


Animated Film
  • Monsters vs. Aliens takes place in Modesto, California for part of the movie.
  • Coraline is set in Ashland, Oregon, due to being filmed in Portland.

Live Action Film

  • Most of the Mercy Thompson series takes place in the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland) in Eastern Washington though the second Alpha & Omega novel is set in the far more well-known Seattle. Patricia Briggs was living in the Tri-Cities when she started writing the series.

Live Action TV
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