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The hero gets directed by the guys back at HQ (who happen to be omniscient)
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This is an extension of the trope "Comm Links". That trope is about how characters often have crystal-clear, no-lag, always on remote communication (which obviously isn't that implausible nowadays).

This extension is that often the heroes are directed by some guys back at base, who somehow not only seem to know everything but can update their knowledge implausibly fast. "OK, that grate above you has a couple of loose screws; open it and climb up into the air vent. Now you're above the armory -- try to jump the tall guard as he's deaf in his left ear and won't hear you approach from that side. Oh no -- three people have realized there's an intruder and are converging on your position".

I thought about this trope while I was playing the video game Mirror's Edge, but I know I've seen it many times before (including before any of this was technically feasible).
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