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High Up, Item Falls
An object is dropped from a large height in order to show how high the characters are
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Frequently, the heroes will find themselves on a rope bridge or a ledge or some other high location where a fall would seem fatal. The best way to show to the audience how high the characters are and how bad the fall would be would be to show something falling from their height.

The object can be a rock, a phone or even a redshirt, but it will always be accompanied by a shot looking down at the falling object. If it is a large, dark pit, then there is a chance of hearing a clacking as the object lands, though more often then not the item just falls soundlessly.

Commonly used as a reason why Cell Phones are Useless. Contrast Shake Someone, Objects Fall


  • In Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Jolly is given a rag to cover his eyes while Quasi climbs down the cathedral. The rag instantly slips, giving a shot of the rag falling down the cathedral.
  • In Serenity, a crate falls into the generator below Mal and the Operative, with a shot showing it fall and smash into it.
  • In Bolt, Mittens puts a bucket on her head for protection, but it falls off of her head and onto the train going under the bridge.
  • Soap: At lunchtime while Danny is sitting at the top of the skyscraper he & Burt are building, contemplating his life and tossing his apple from one hand to the other, he is startled by Burt coming up behind him an drops his apple & almost falls himself. Burt catches Danny, and they both watch the apple fall for several seconds unitl it beans someone in the head below. Then again at the end of the scene they accidentally drop something else; this time it hits a mounted policeman's horse and they quickly leave so they don't get caught.
  • In the 1979 film Steel the main character, a construction foreman, gets a fear of heights after seeing a fellow employee fall to his death at the opening of the film.
  • ''Tarzan has one instance where Jane, swinging through the air with Tarzan, shakes a baboon off of her, losing her boot in the process. The boot and baboon are both seen falling into the jungle below.
  • Cellular: One character drops his phone down a scaffolding, seeing it shatter on the ground.
  • The Lion King: Mufasa's death scene shows some rocks falling down the cliff as Mufasa struggles to stay up.
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