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Absurdly Sharp Claws
Claws that are unrealistically sharp.
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What happens when your Natural Weapon is an Absurdly Sharp Blade.

In Real Life, animals use their claws for various purposes (Hunting, climbing, grooming, defense, etc.). However, over time, these claws grow dull from continuous use and must be sharpened to maintain their usefulness.

Not so in the world of fiction. In many fictional cases, animal claws remain insanely sharp even after constant use. Moreover, these claws are so sharp that they can slice through things that few (if any) real life animals could ever scratch. Often, this is just Played for Laughs, but more dramatic variations exist as well.

See Absurdly Sharp Blade for when metallic blades (i.e. knives, swords, axes) are sharper than what one would expect in reality.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • Happens as a gag in Cattivik when the titular character is cut to ribbons by a lion.

[[folder:Fan Works]] [[/folder]]

  • In Van Helsing, werewolf Gabriel leaves claw-marks on a stone statue during his brawl with Dracula.
  • In John Carpenter's Vampires, the Big Bad vampire cuts a human cleanly in two with just his claws (thus the writeup should expand the scope beyond just animals).
  • Death Becomes Her: In one scene Meryl Streep's Character leaves scratchmarks on a solid column.
  • Split/Second, the 1992 Rutger Hauer movie, is a great example for this trope. The creature uses its huge claw to shred through the roof of a subway train like a hot knife through butter. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • In Dragonback, K'da claws are sharp enough to cut through metal. And not just slash through it either; at one point Draycos uses this ability to carve a precise hole in a shuttle's hull as sabotage.

  • Andalite tail-blades in the Animorphs-verse are demonstrably sharp enough to cut metal and lop off limbs.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • The Macra from Doctor Who. The Macra can be found at the bottom of the motorway in New New York - built upon present day New York after some catastrophic event or something. In the 'fast lane' you can reach speeds of up to thirty miles per hour! (Usually taking six years to get to Brooklyn from Queens!) However, this comes with a risk: the potential of being sliced and mauled by the macra. What's even scarier is that you only really get to see these claws above the fumes.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]] [[/folder]]

Tabletop Games
  • In Warhammer 40,000, any tyranid strain from the genestealer up can rip open Powered Armor, and the larger monsters open tanks like cans.

    This forms the basis of a minor Running Gag/Noodle Incident in the Ciaphas Cain (HERO OF--*las shot*) series, where the first time in any book the 'nids are mentioned, Cain recalls a time he saw genestealers tear apart Space Marine Terminators as if their armor wasn't there. We finally get to see it in the seventh book.

[[folder:Video Games]]
  • In Pokémon, the move Cut allows the player's Pokemon to, well, cut down small trees with a single slicing movement. Flavor Text for various Pokémon species describes how their claw/pincer/etc. weapons are sharp enough to inflict significant property damage. Also repeatedly demonstrated in the anime, with Scyther in particular repeatedly seen chopping down trees in a single swipe.
  • In Evolva, the Genohunters are able to get claws able to slice rock walls to pass through them.
  • Fallout features the aptly named 'Deathclaws', genetically engineered killing machines with claws the size of machetes. In each game they are one of the toughest commonly occurring enemies, and their claws can even be Macgyvered into one of the more deadly unarmed weapons in the game.
  • [PROTOTYPE] has this as one of the first upgrades, which is a Disc One Nuke for crowd clearing.
  • In StarCraft, fluff describes the zerg ultralisk, their equivalent to a tank (think an elephant with scythes instead of tusks), as having blades with a monomolecular edge.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • A Wile E. Coyote short in The Looney Tunes Show has Wile E. being sliced to ribbons by the Roadrunner's talons in a ninja-style battle.
  • The titular species in Gargoyles have claws that are strong and sharp enough leave deep scratches in solid concrete and even solid steel. This is actually how they climb buildings and cliffs.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Rarity's cat cuts off half of Sweety Bell's mane with a swipe of its claws.
  • Puss in Boots from the Shrekverse is often seen cutting glass with one claw, very quickly.[[note]]This may be a reference to Catwoman.[[/note]] Puss generally picks his fights using his sword. In Shrek 3, Donkey attempted to duplicate the trick after being Freaky Friday Flipped with Puss, but it didn't quite work.
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