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Screw Ambition, I'm Doing What's Right
A character is faced with the choice of having hir wishes fullfilled, or do the right thing.
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(Sorry for the snowclone; if anyone wants to change it to a better title, feel free to suggest one. Also, I need help with the description, I know this one kind of sucks)

Let's say that Alice has dreams of being an influential politician. She is noticed by a famous and charismatic party leader, and he promises that he can kickstart her career in politics and make her have influence, if only she is willing to follow and support his corrupt plan about murdering the President and turning the country into a fascist state. The plan will not succeed without her help, but Alice won't succeed without the help of the party leader, either. She is now faced with a difficult choice.

This is a common way to show that Ambition Is Evil; if Alice chooses her ambition, she is down the path to darkness, but if she chooses to do what's right, she is probably a heroine.

Do We Have This One?? Is This Tropable?? Feel free to launch, edit or whatever.


  • In Wicked, Elphaba dreams of becoming an assistant to the Wizard, but has to give up her dreams when she realizes that he is corrupt and racist.
  • In The Bible, while Jesus is fasting, the Devil tempts him in this manner, making this one at least Older Than Feudalism.
  • Older Than Dirt: in The Iliad, Achilles is given the choice to be either a wonderful king who died of old age and was remembered only by children and grandchildren, or be a tragic "hero" of immortal fame. Guess which he chose.
  • In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith lands an awesome job that comes with Office Ferrari and awesome bonuses... but he unwittingly finds out that one of his first assignments was to deliver a $20.000 bribe to a civil servant. At first he panics, thinking he'll get killed or something, but his boss financially encourages him instead to take "the smart choice". Will faces a difficult decision... Guess what he does in the end?.
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